Tattoo-sday …. First ever post


First ever Tattoo-sday…

Tuesdays, or Tattoo-sday ‘s, are the days for looking at amazing tattoos! I love tattoos, the art everything about them, so instead of just looking at all of the tattoo images on the inter webs, i decided i should put it all to good use.

So, having said that, I would like to introduce you to a little regular feature here called Tattoo-sday (did you see what i did there) My plan is to post one every Tuesday, and basically just show you a few of the tattoos I have been drooling over.


The Ink….

These images are ones that i found online and i will try wherever possible to link back and credit the artists. Enjoy!

Beautiful!I want to believe

She's pretty scary. Dedication! I love this quote.

Well thats that then, i hope you liked my choices! i love all of these, the rex on the side of the head is awesome.

If you have any that you love i would love to see them, link them in the comments.

Till next time, Big love,

Amy xxx