10 things I love Thursday #1

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Hey guys, what a lovely week so far! The weather has finally perked up and I managed to wear a dress, it must be spring!

Anyway , today is the first in a regular series here about things I’ve been loving so far this week! Welcome to 10 things I love Thursday!

1) Willard Wigan, is an artist who creates tiny sculptures, from pencil lead to needle eyes!

This guy has amazing skills … and clearly amazing eyesight! I don’t think I would be able to do this! You can find more about him and his work if you Click here

2) I need this sign in my life!

Why are they always hungry?


why don’t we do something like this locally, if it doesn’t harm them, and it would definitely make me smile! You can find more about these Click here


This fascinating insight to where we feel our emotions first! If you really think about the way you feel and what emotion you are experiencing you can pinpoint where it is coming from! Fascinating really. You can find more information and the scientific experiment behind this Here.


I absolutely love these I am wanting to design some my little ponies maybe I’ll do a challenge? Throwback to my childhood! I loved my little pony! You can find these on spippo’s deviantart by clicking here.


Love this quote!


Wow this is fascinating, you can find some more information about it here.


This amazing smeg cooker!


This beautiful stained glass window, stained glass is so beautiful!


These beautiful geode tables! I wonder where I could put one… you can find out more about these by clicking here.


Of course the new Aladdin is on here! I actually can’t wait!!

So that’s it for the first instalment, these are things that caught my attention this week.

What are you loving right now?

Till next time,


Things are a little different around here…


Welcome back to “it’s a beautiful life” .

So if you have read any of my other posts, you will know that it didn’t really look anything like this previously. Recently I made the decision to take my art and illustrations more seriously, which includes my blog and writing. I recently made the decision to change my blogging provider and change to a provider who I could customise my site and monetise my site if I wanted to, (every little helps right?!) So I decided to change to WordPress as they have a lot more versatility when it comes how you like your blog to look.

Making the desicion to take my art and my illustrations more seriously feels right to me, and if I can get to the point where I am making quality content enough to make a living then it can only be positive,and so this is going to be part of that journey.

Here you will find posts about art and illustrations , things that are going on in my life and in my brain, works in progress and things that I have found and love. I will be writing about things that are everyday and writing about things that are out of the ordinary. I have lots planned.

I am so excited for the things that are coming our way, and I have a lot of ideas and posts planned for you lovely lot.

So, Here’s to new adventures and new friends.

I’ll be back with my very first post at the beginning of May so until then take a look at a few of the projects that I’m currently working on, and leave me some feedback. I’d love to hear from you guys!

Until next time guys, big love xx