Tattoos-day 3 – Zombies!

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Tattoos-day 3. “..Brains..”.

Its that time of the week again, Tattoos-day, where i dump a load of images of tattoos and ink i love,related to a theme. Last time we had Ink-tergalactic, space related tattoos.

This time it’s Zombies! …Brains….*cough, *clears throat…


I love a zombie film! I”ll be honest i love a zombie themed tattoo. Combine that with some amazing tattooing talent, add a dash of the new school and they are awesome!

AS always i try to leave a link to the artists and owners but i get most of my images online through google. If anyone know who they belong to or the artist who created them, please let me know so i can give credit!

Without any more mumbling and legality, lets go! enjoy!

Hello kitty wants to eat your brains!


So, there we go, some awesome ones don’t you think. The cupcakes are my favourite! Have you seen any good zombie tattoos? i’d love to know, and if you have a zombie tattoo yourself let me know i’d love to see it!

In Tattoos-day4, a round up of the best disney tattoos, including my own work in progress!!

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Till next time,

Big love,

Amy xx


Adulting, turning 30 and making goals before turning 31…

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So. This year is a big year for me age birthday wise……..I turned 30 in February….. time for adulting.

When I was younger I always thought that my life would be pretty much sorted by this point. Regardless of the fact that growing up, I didn’t really have any serious ideas about what it was that I wanted to do.

Adulting and The big 30….

Having a significant birthday is a big deal. 30, 40, 50, 60…. For me it was anyway. I am trying embrace the fact that I, Amy,  am now a person who is taken seriously. Living, working and looking after myself. Paying bills, and doing standard “adulting”.

I have something in mind that I wouldn’t mind, heck i would LURVE, spending the rest of my career life doing, and its a slow process getting to the stage where I am able to do that, but i’m working on it.

Moving forward…

This year I decided that THIS was the year that I make goals, scary goals, and do them before I turn 31.

I will be writing another blog post with 31 goals before i’m 31, i just need to come up with them first.

I just thought that I would pop by and show myself, let y’all know that I am still here and that I will be working on making my blog a more regular activity, even if no-one reads it.

On that note…. Big love, Amy xxx



8 Types of coffee drinker.

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Coffee Drinkers.

In our day-to-day lives, coffee is essential, to most people. Some can’t live without it, some like the idea of it. The way that we prepare our first steaming cup of joe becomes a ritual in everyone’s house. This got me thinking about other people and the variety of people who I have come across in my coffee career.

I’m going to be identifying the different types of coffee drinker that i have observed, throughout my career as a barista. See if you can identify which one you or your friends are.

The Morning person.

Usually found cuddling that first cup of java, before they even acknowledge you. can usually be found near a kettle, coffee shop, or espresso machine. Mostly found repeating “Don’t speak to me yet” or “I haven’t even had my coffee”.

Iced coffee Loyalist.

The person who has to have their coffee cold. Spring, Summer, even Winter. Can be found with a trendy plastic cup of iced coffee, with extras. Always wanting to try the next iced coffee trend to keep it lively.


The Black Coffee.

These are usually simple people with simple pleasures. Understand the complexity of flavour in coffee, and so don’t tamper with the final product. Favourite sayings usually consist of “no, no milk…just black.” or “yes I like my coffee black, why would you put sugar in it?!” Usually found reading poetry and wearing shades. Totally artsy man.

The Addict.

These are people who constantly have a coffee in their hand. Suffer from withdrawal if they haven’t had a whiff of coffee for more than 5 minutes. Favourite sayings “I need a coffee” or “Lets meet at java java, can grab a takeout” These are people who don’t understand the word tea!

The Coffee Snob.

These are usually baristas. Have worked with coffee forever, love the taste of it and the community of the coffee culture. Understanding every single process of coffee-making, from farming to preparing. Will undoubtedly sneer, when asked for decaf coffee, or lots of milk and sugar. Favourite saying “its a lot more complex than you think it is” or “why don’t you give it a go, see how you find it?’

The sleeper.

Ah, the sleeper. Usually clutching a cup of DECAFF coffee, usually an old soul who likes to be tucked up for 9pm. struggle with the day-to-day tasks have to have a nap after lunch to keep the brain fresh… the struggle is real …zzzzzzz


The coffee “lover”

This is a tricky one. They like the idea of coffee, and love the coffee culture and coffee shop atmosphere but cannot cope with the flavour. They tend to ask for half shots of coffee, with copious amounts of sugar and milk, ask for the milk to be super hot and genuinely, don’t like the taste of coffee. ( i know?!)

Healthy coffee.

Usually found with karma beads and crystals, asking for soya or almond or anything not from an animal. Asks for no sugar and little caffeine as possible. worried about the calories in the drink. Have to feed their addiction but super aware of what they are putting in their body.

So, how do you find this list? is there any others that you have come across, or know? leave a comment i would be interested in knowing the different types of nuances people have, where their coffee is involved.

Me? im definitely the first one. before I’ve had a boost first thing?     RUN.       Run away!

Big love,







Friday the 13th…

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superstition is one of those things that is intrinsically linked with our ancestors. They usually come from old legends and old myths, but more often than not they are just passed down through the generations.

If you are anything like me you have come to the realisation that actually, superstition can be a little bit silly. “Don’t walk under the ladder you’ll get bad luck!”  Really??  Honestly,  the only thing that is going to happen to you if you walk under a ladder, is that you might get dripped on, at worse something might fall on you. This, granted, is enough for any of the hardcore, believers to say “see, bad luck” in my belief the mind is a powerful tool, and like attracts like. If you think it and feel it, its more often than not going to happen, thus reiterating “bad luck” or “a bad day”.

My point is, Friday the 13th is one such occasion where people tend to overreact on the superstition.

Belated bad luck.

Granted, you would think that Mr B.Luck would have got it out of his system, yesterday for me, but no, i guess he had other ideas. Today started out as a pretty normal Saturday morning. Lovely, lazy morning, little bit grey outside but after my AM pick me up, things started to get strange. My cat has a bad eye, which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be getting any better. (strike one for Mr. B. Luck) I managed to get a flat tyre yesterday on my way home from shopping but didn’t think it was too serious, only to find out this morning that we were going to have to have a brand new wheel on. (strike 2 Mr. Luck)

And if that wasn’t bad enough my poor Monty, (the cat) hates travelling and so was bad-tempered. He then relieved himself on the 20 minute ride to the emergency vet, stank out the vet reception and scared all the staff, who responded with gauntlets and looks of pity.

The outcome? well at this present moment, i have locked myself in the house, with my laptop and social media, in the hope of defying Mr. B.Luck from any further appearances. its safe to say i can sort of understand the people in “final destination”


In this day and age i believe that people are entitled to believe exactly what they want to believe, so long as they don’t expect everyone to think the same. As for me, well I’m just going to write today off as a bad day. I think every now and then everyone is entitled to a crap day.

This is why we have coffee.

What happened to you guys on Friday the 13th?

Are you superstitious at all?

What do you still do now, even though you’ve grown up?

I’d love to know.

Big love,