Ten Top Beauty boosting foods since we are what we eat.

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You are what you eat?

Everybody has heard that saying before, but how many people actually listen and believe it? Can we eat beauty boosting foods to help?

Just recently, as you may have noticed,  I have been thinking about trying to eat the right things, trying to be more healthy and basically trying to look after myself a little better. During my research, I have come across a few bits of information that I love and some that seem too good to be true. But, if they work, which they seem to, then hey, I’m gunna give it a go and I’m sure that there is a few things on here, you will be glad I told you about. (Chocolate is actually great for you!!)

Top Ten Terrific Treats To Boost your Beauty.

Here are my top ten beauty boosting foods that, when eaten regularly, can keep us looking youthful and gorgeous. (Without eating little children ) *clears throat

  1. Blueberries

These little babies, are full of antioxidants so help with preventing premature ageing of skin. They also fight those pesky little free radicals that attack the skin, and so this little warrior is a good one to include in your diet. I like to throw them into a smoothie with other berries and some yogurt. mmmm! I can feel the battle! anti-ageing deliciousness!!


2. Coconuts

Coconuts are not only great for drinking holiday cocktails out of, but are super high in Omega 3, which is a good fatty acid. This helps our skin stay baby soft. It’s also brilliant as massage oil for your scalp and body. (and it smells like holidays…who doesn’t like THAT reminder 🙂 noms! ) massaging into your scalp helps with hair growth and flaky scalp. The fat in these bad boys, also guards against age aggressors, like UV rays and pollution. (which is why the best sun cream includes coconut oil!)

3. Avocados.

High in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant,  it also repairs damage to skin and hair caused by the sun and everyday pollution. This is the reason  our skin can look dull and less plump every now and then.

These little Hulks, also contain vitamin C promoting collagen, the plumper, and boosting the moisture levels in our skin.

Avocados SMASH!


4. Chia Seeds

I know seeds are for budgies and birds and are kinda hard to eat, but chia seeds are full of good fats. They maintain the skins buoyancy and keep your complexion dewy and glowing. (without using them as a facial scrub 🙂 ) They are a good source of fibre and protein which basically makes them a brilliant beauty all-rounder. Add them to your smoothies for a protein boost.





5. Spirulina.

The blue-green algae one. Rich in Chlorophyll, this is a super powerful nutrient that helps our hair, nails and skin to grow. High in Iron and Vitamin A, it adds a super hulk like punch to your morning green smoothie. Brilliant detoxifier and balances the good bacteria in your gut (so long I.B.S).

6. 0% fat greek Yoghurt.

Full of Calcium, protein and swarming with live active cultures A.K.A good bacteria, this aids digestion, helps boost immunity to infections and viruses. It also mitigates the effects of lactose intolerance leaving you with a flat and happy tummy. ( and its fat-free..)




7. Seaweed.

Chocked full of iron and phytonutrients, seaweed aids digestion and circulation . Eating seaweed regularly, helps with getting gorgeous smooth legs with beautiful supple skin. The Japanese and Chinese eat seaweed in their diet regularly, and they have plump youthful looking skin.You can get books on the seaweed that is edible, and so you can beach-comb for the varieties in it. (or just buy it from health food shops).


Maybe I should eat it more…


8.Sweet Potato.

Not only are they super delicious as fries, they are full of Beta-Carotene, which helps maintain bright, healthy eyes the same bonus we get from eating carrots. It can also help protect skin from harmful UV Rays. These make amazing fries with a little five spice on them, and are great as an alternative to regular jacket potatoes. Give them a try!




9. Kale.

Kale is Full of everything good! Whats not to like? Vitamins A, B6, K, Manganese, fibre and omega’s. practically everything for beauty! One cup of this curly, iron rich Kale, provides 10% of the RDA of Omega3 and nearly 200% of the RDA Vitamin A. One cup is enough to maintain healthy teeth, and is an effective anti oxidant. Switch out your regular salad leaves and add in some Kale! You won’t regret it. I love this and love it in smoothies with spirulina !


10. Dark Cacao Chocolate.

This is the one I am THE most excited about. Ladies, chocolate is good for you. Although the darker the chocolate, the better it is for you. Edge towards anything above 60% for ultimate health benefits. It is the queen of beauty boosting foods. It contains anti-ageing antioxidants called flavonoids, which fight free radicals, protecting us from the suns UV rays.

A 2006 study published in THE JOURNAL OF NUTRITION found that participants who consumed a chocolate beverage, high in Flavanoids (Dark Choc) experienced improved skin texture and hydration. They experienced less sensitivity and 25% less redness in response to exposure to the sun.

If that wasn’t enough, it also releases endorphins, the happy hormone, and phenylethylamine, which elicits the feeling of falling in love. Awww.

When you feel good, you look good!

So there we have it. See, I told you the last one was brilliant.

I really hope that you found this informative and interesting. I am going to keep these things in mind and remember that I am what I eat!

Which of these was your favourite boosting foods? Did you read about the beauty benefits of coffee on a recent post? Heres the link to go check it out..coffee benefits

Big Love,




These are A Few of My Favourite Things edition 4.

A Few of my favourite things

So guys its that time of the week again for ” A Few of My Favourite things”.

I have kinda been MIA these past couple of weeks, and I have honestly had a lot going on.

Its all super exciting and seems to be clicking into place, and I shall be writing about it in the not too distant future.

Anyway Its time for “a Few of My Favourite Things” and this week is a super fluffy one since the nights are getting longer and the mornings are getting chillier. Enjoy.

1, Favourite Fluffy fairy lights

These are so cool, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love fairy lights?!

They make even the dankest space, look cosy and warm and welcoming. They add magic, sparkle and now they add fluff!! Who doesn’t love fluff??!!  Now we can have it all 😀

Click on this link here to purchase these beauties either for someone who will love them… (or maybe your bedroom? yeah your bedroom would love these)

2, Favourite Fluffy heels DIY.

So, the trend of fluffy shoes is something that was super popular in the summer and now with the winter coming its all about the slippers. BUT what about those glamorous parties you have to attend ? You need fabulous, fashionable shoes right? If your anything like me you, you like to be on trend as much as you can without being a “follower” you pick and choose the styles and fashions you like and usually like to adjust or make to your own liking.

This is the way that I made my fluffy heels and encourage you to try it for yourself! I love my fluffy heels, they make me feel like a princess.

Head on over to this link to find out more, and while your there check out her other posts. Girls got talent!

3, Favourite Fluffy Bunny Phone Cover.

OK guys, whats better than fluffy shoes? YUP! Fluffy phone cases. Not only are they like a little cuddly toy you can carry around, without looking a little weird, they double up as cushioning for your phone should you (DUN DUN DUN)


 Anyways heres the pic of the cutest phone case you ever did see :

 Click on this link to go and see the others they do. They are an etsy shop and so should be given all the support they can as they are just starting out and to be honest, they’ve got some awesome stuff!! Go check them out!

4, Super fluffy Soot Sprite Slippers.


Totoro is my ultimate miyazaki film. Well one of them… well I love all of them to be honest, and maybe i’m a little old for cartoons but hey,  what ya gunna do?!  It keeps me young!

When I came across these slippers, I just knew they had to be on one of my lists…at least. How awesome are they?!

You can click on this writing here, which has a link hidden amongst it 🙂 do you know anyone who would love to own these?

5, Favourite Angora Rabbit.


This is THE fluffiest bunny rabbit I have ever seen. They are Angora rabbits and literally they are balls of fluff!

Heres the story…

The Angora rabbit is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, believed to have originated from Turkey. The story goes back to the early 18th century. Some sightseeing sailors were put into a Turkish port, then called Angora. The sailors found the shawls worn by the native women to be remarkable for their beauty, fineness and silkiness. So before the sailors left Angora, they secured some of the Angora rabbits to take back to France. The French claim the Angora rabbits were first recorded in France in the Encyclopedia of 1765. In any event, it was the French who first saw the commercial possibilities of Angora wool and began to manufacture this type of wool into yarn. Aside from their commercial use, the rabbits became popular pets with French royalty and spread to other parts of Europe by the end of the century.

Without further ado, here you go..

The Bungalow of bunnies (click on this and it will take you to their website) is a place in Missouri that raises Purebred Dutch rabbits, and Purebred English Angoras to the ARBA Standard of Perfection. What a job!

You should go and head on over if you’re interested about these breeds of rabbits, as she gives in depth information about them and how to care for them. Its a brilliant site for bunny fans.  They are all adorable, and i want them all!

So there we have it, a complete, fluffy, wintery , Few of my Favourite things. I hope that you enjoyed this, and I hope that you go and check out the websites I’ve listed.

Till next time,

Big love,







Clearing out….

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Sometimes the best thing in life when you’re having a lull, is to have a good clear out.

In the house, in your life, even in your head. A good session of throwing things away and organising is good for the soul. “The outside is a reflection of the inside..” I can’t exactly remember who said that but this is true. When you enter a room with everything everywhere, do you find yourself suddenly anxious? maybe stressed a little? Your emotions react to the environment you put yourself in, and this is our fight or flight trigger.It’s naturally engrained in our DNA. With this in mind, why would you not want to have a clear out every now and then,

The recent craze of tidying with the Marie Kondo, whose book “The magic of tidying” was  number 1 bestseller, helped people understand the importance of tidy living, and was in some way responsible for my sudden burst of energy with this subject. Up until now I haven’t exactly been the most organised person. I have never really been the best at keeping things tidy, and can always find something better or more fun to do . So since I haven’t been “working” as such, and since the coffee shop never really took off, I decided this last week was an ample time to get myself in order and make a plan in my life, my house and my career.

The house…

I started with the house and have cleaned, organised, thrown away and basically started anew with the things in it. Clothes I don’t wear, magazines I’ve kept for no reason , makeup I never use (I never wear a lot anyway )  and made copious trips to the tip. (Much to the surprise and amusement of my BF) This is the reason behind my disappearance for the past week.

My body and mind..

I have started a self-help book…. (I never thought id see the day) called the Barefoot Doctor and I am excited to really get into the crux of it. Liberation is the title and if your interested you should go and check it out. I have downloaded the head space app on my phone and plan to practice daily.

I took a long hard look at the food I was eating and my fitness, or lack thereof. I’m not exactly a gym bunny but I don’t really do a lot of fitness. Sure I enjoy walking but maybe not as often as I should. So a fitness plan and goal have been set, and my diet has changed. More rainbow foods, less beige. (and crisps Good-bye sweet, fried potato)


I have planned many wonderful things for this little space on the internet and I have made the decision about my career which I am excited to implement.

Throughout my life, I have always been creative and artistic and loved anything that I could with my hands. This is probably the reason I gravitated towards making coffee. Its and art form in itself and I have always enjoyed the process. Tattooing is also something that I have always enjoyed, both on myself and the skills needed to do it,  but never really thought that it would be a smart career choice for myself, as I lack the confidence in myself (which I’m working on) to be able to showcase my art and put it out there for criticism. Still, it has always been something I Would love to do and so am going to make the steps towards that goal.

This year has thrown me many personal challenges, and I have managed to come out of the other side. With my biggest birthday to date coming up I decided it was time to really start thinking about how I am going to implement all of my thoughts, wants,desires, and dreams, and make a plan.

 The time we have on this earth is precious, and we should have the most fun we can. Being surrounded by the ones that we cherish and love , having adventures, having dreams and trying new things are the best things in life (after your house is tidy and clean 🙂 ) Sometimes following your dreams can be hard, but as Walt Disney said

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Big love,



A Few of my Favourite things….

A Few of my favourite things


So it’s that time of the week again. Time to settle down with a cuppa and look at some eye and brain candy!

This week I was focusing on artist of all types, and thinking about the different approaches individuals have. The world is full of creative people, and the people I am  including today, are so inspiring and I love their work. I would love for you to check them out further.

So take some time out for yourself, sit back and look at these beautiful works.


O.k so it isn’t “art” like you normally expect, but it is very artistic. Being able to make beautiful cakes and confectionary is a skill in its own right, and i admire anyone who can bake and decorate sweets as beautiful as these. The Juniper cakery is run by two lovely ladies, called Felicity and Krystle. They bake and supply cakes, cupcakes and confectionary, for Hull and the surrounding area. I literally could look (and eat) all of the things that they create. Artists in their own right.

Take a look….

Picture courtesy of Juniper Cakery.

How Beautiful are they? They don’t just do cakes they do sweets, cupcakes,macarons,cookies, and they are all beautiful. Kudos ladies!

You can find them in all the usual places and their website will be up and running soon. In the meantime click on the link to go their instagram.



Read their blog over at JuniperCakery


2. Arozona

Succulents. Who doesn’t love a succulent. Personally, I have a little bit of an obsession with them. So naturally when I stumbled across Arozona on Instagram, I had to indulge myself and found their art stunning, to say the least.

Courtesy of Arozona.

Gorgeous aren’t they?!

You can find more of their work here on Instagram

Definitely go check them out.

3 Micromachinedee.

This is an art form close to my heart.

Tattooing is something that i have loved ever since i can remember. I have a fair few myself, and have a few friends in the trade itself. My instagram feed is full tattoo artists and this is one lady who just stands out. Her designs are cute, colourful, quirky and fun. Needless to say she had to be on this list today. I could browse her feed all day.

Dee loves to use inspiration from Japanese anime to 90’s nostalgic cartoons and is also active in the cosplay community.

Courtesy of Danielle Soto.


How adorable is her art? I would love to get one, eventually… maybe sailor moon to go with my disney sleeve? 🙂

You can find more information and look at her gorgeous pieces by clicking on these links:




So there we have it. I just want to say a big thank you to these lovely people for letting me feature them and use their images on my blog.

They have all left me feeling inspired. I am in awe of their originality and creativity. I wish I was as talented.:)

What art are you in to? what inspires you to create?

Big Love,






Graffiti – Is it vandalism or is it Art?

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This is one of those subjects, a little like Marmite, you either love Graffiti? Or you hate it. But when does graffiti stop being vandalism, and start being art ? This got me thinking about my local graffiti, and the history and meaning of this popular sub-culture.

A Brief history….

The word “graffiti” comes from the Greek “Graphein” meaning to write, draw or scratch. This then gives us the common root word – graph.  Now, the word Graffiti, originates from the Italian language, and is actually a plural of the word “graffito“. These are both derived from the word “graffio” which means “a scratch” and it was the original graffiti that was “scratched” (not painted), into the surfaces of walls in ancient Greece, Pompeii to be precise. (keeping up? Good.)

Graffiti was first labelled like this in 1851, with reference to inscriptions “scratched” onto the walls in Pompeii. The definition has since grown to include all sorts of public “art” from hastily written tags, to the more time-consuming , elaborate murals. Artistic expression seems to be an old human impulse, especially on the surfaces surrounding us. Trees, walls, pavements etc. Some of the oldest art/graffiti dates back to Paleolithic times.

Picture courtesy of Ancient history encyclopaedia

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.









The Paleolithic, or “Old Stone Age” is the earliest era of human existence, where stone tools were made and used, and its people took shelter in caves. This “Old stone age” continued until about 10,000 years ago, and included the impulsion to express themselves artistically. They painted animals and abstract shapes onto the walls of their caves. The meanings are uncertain and  arguments continue to this day about the meanings.

Personally, I think they were used to tell stories.

(like this scene in Ice age 🙂 )

However, natural historian, R. Dale Guthrie, has his own unique theory.

Based on handprints and other traces of the artists, he has concluded that the artists were often adolescent males, who may have been left out of hunts. They made these paintings as a way of entertainment, not unlike the adolescents of today. So you could say, that some of the first art known to humans, was in fact Graffiti.

The Mediterranean…

O.K,  O.K. If you live in a beautiful climate, like the people of the Paleolithic (granted it was kinda dangerous, what with the crazy predators) and the Med, what is there to be bored about?! It would seem that it grew into more of an expression of self and communication, than a means to pass time.

The Ancient Greeks started it as a way to advertise.

The people of the Mediterranean, some 2000 years ago, were no strangers to scribbling on walls and rocks. But these were different. One particular piece of greek graffiti was found in Ephesus (which now lies in Turkey) and was apparently an advertisement for a brothel!

The carving shows what seems to be a heart, a foot, a woman’s head and money. When you put those together, it is giving directions to a place you could exchange money for a woman’s ” Love” (hmm, go Figure?!) Granted ,this wasn’t exactly a beautiful carved piece of marble, in the shape of an Adonis, but a simple scribble, etched into stone for communication.

( this is maybe not true… but you get the idea )

The city of Pompeii, as we all know, was frozen in time by Mount Vesuvius blowing her top, preserving the city in a layer of ash, 15 feet thick. The graffiti found on these walls, range from sexual boasting  to simple declarations that friends had visited a place.

In the Basilica you can ponder the words “A small problem gets larger if you ignore it” (typically ancient Greek…)

Graffiti speaks and has spoken to  basic human impulses throughout history. Ancient Rome’s graffiti mocked politicians, and simply declared “I was here” (some things never change #YK17 ) So throughout human history, Graffiti has been a way of provoking a response, expressing opinions, claiming territory or declaring love.

writing down our thoughts and ideas or even a simple affirmation of our presence seems to be a universal impulse.

The 20th Century…

So what about graffiti today? Well, it turns out, just because technology has changed and evolved, human nature hasn’t( huh? you don’t say?). People still have an impulsion to scribble their graffiti onto surfaces they see. Think about the last public loo you went to and brad declared his love for Janice, or the last train you were on where “Soph Woz ‘ere”

Graffiti is most commonly associated with the hip-hop culture of America. Along with MC’ing, DJ’ing and dancing, graffiti is a central part of its sub culture. The origins of all these are traced to the Bronx in N.Y.

“TAKI183” popularised a subset of graffiti, “tagging”. He was messenger who dubbed himself “TAKI183” by shortening his actual Greek name, Demetraki, and the street he lived on, 183. Throughout the 60’s and 70′ he would scrawl his “tag” on surfaces around the city. His name gained recognition and, as usual, imitators popped up everywhere, including Britain

Pictures courtesy of Widewalls.ch

Rule Brittania…

Street art could be the most important phenomenon in the history of art itself. Consider the fact that there practically, isn’t an urban space, without pieces of street art. The supermarket, school hallways, bus stops, you name it if there’s a blank space, there’s gonna be art…Graffiti…Art?!

Manchester, Birmingham, London, Bristol etc, have started developing distinctive styles which could shape the street art scene of Europe. It started in the 80’s with car paint being the only form of media widely available. It coincided with the hip-hop and electro music movement on the radio.

Here in England, the line between vandalism and art has been blurred, with the likes of Banksy making millions, but remaining anonymous. Thus, adding to the mystery and allure of Graffiti as an art form. The ability to express controversial opinions, with little repercussion has an intriguing, vigilante feel to it. This makes Graffiti so fascinating and popular.

Other British graffiti artists include SmugAroe, Dave Bonzai, Remi Rough, Tizer ID, (I could go on) all have differing approaches to their art.


 Art or Vandalism, that is the question..

Many people have varied opinions about Graffiti. If someone came and painted on your house without permission, you would be narked and would class that as vandalism. But would you feel the same if you saw a breathtaking piece of graffiti art on a dull wall in the city? The authorities probably wouldn’t care that it was the next undiscovered Picasso, if it was on an owned property, it’s still vandalism. So, is graffiti art if it’s done legally and with consent? and does the fact that it has been given permission take the excitement and meaning out of graffiti, thus rendering it vandalism?

Personally: I see nothing wrong with a beautiful mural, covering what would otherwise be a dowdy, grey, urban jungle. It can showcase raw talent and gives people a means of communication that they may otherwise struggle with.

Locally, there is a place where artists go and create murals, remembering loved ones, and to stand up for the things that they believe. I have nothing against art of any kind, and graffiti, like it or lump it, will be around for generations.

Take a look at some of the art from my town.


What do you think? should artists be prosecuted for creating art? whats the graffiti like where you live?

Big love,



P.S I would just like to point out that most of this information came from some websites off of the internet. I do not claim the rights to any of this information.i just did my research 🙂 You can find more information about this subject by clicking these links:






5 ways used coffee can make you beautiful.

General blogging.

Used coffee grinds.

In this day and age, where recycling SHOULD be a part of every household and business,  trying to find new ways of using items and products, that have been used previously, can be a task.

Being keen to help protect the environment,  we try to make as little waste as possible. Keeping our footprint green is very important to us and so finding new and exciting ways to use things again intrigues us.

How do you get rid of used grinds?

This is something that we wanted to try and reduce, as much as possible, in our daily lives, at home and at work. do we throw them in the trash with the other rubbish? Do we take it to the tip? Well , after some research and some serious conscience listening, we have compiled a few ideas we have come across, that we love.

Without further ado, read on to find out how you can use your coffee grinds  (or help those coffee-house owners, who I am sure will be completely thrilled for the help. A lot of coffee, leaves a lot of grinds!) in many other ways, you probably never thought of!

Cellulite Buster.

YEP! You read that right gals! The active ingredient in most high-end, anti-cellulite creams? Coffee!

Simply mix 1/4 cup of warm coffee grinds, (microwaved is fine) with 1 TBSP of oil, either olive, coconut,almond, even massage oil, and apply to the danger zones. Wrap that up like you would a cake, with cling film and relax for about 5 minutes. Wash the pots, read a magazine, meditate….. Then when your timer goes off, remove the wrap. Grab a lovely warm shower, brush off the coffee using an exfoliating brush and your all done! Repeat this twice a week, and you should start to see results……

Your welcome. 🙂

“Here’s looking at you kid”

Late night?  Allergies?

Stress no more. With this eye mask, you can get rid of those pesky puffy panda eyes.

Take a pinch of black pepper, 1tsp fresh coffee grounds, mix this with a 1/4 tsp coconut oil, mix this with some water till it becomes a paste and apply to under eyes. Leave for 5-10 minutes then wipe off gently with a damp cloth. apply some moisturizer later, and repeat a few times a week, till *ping no more dark circles.


Not tonight i’m washing my hair…

We all know the importance and benefits of exfoliating. It brightens skin and makes it baby soft. How many times have you exfoliated your scalp? Well, exfoliation is important for your head too. It eliminates build up and dead skin cells, and gives your hair a beautiful shine. Add 1/3 cup of ground coffee to your scalp and massage in circular motions for about a minute. This is best done before you wash and condition, leaving you with the tresses of your dreams.



Brunette Benefits…

As well as making your hair beautifully silky, (thanks for the demo Daisy) If you have naturally dark hair, Brunettes I’m talking to you, Leaving a mix of used coffee grounds and your everyday conditioner, leaves hair beautifully tinted. It accentuates the chocolate tones and basically works like a safer alternative to henna. Remember the fascination with henna hair in the 90’s?



These boots were made for walking…

Ok so this one isn’t for your boots, but instead for your feet.

Had a long, tiring shift at work? Feel like your little piggies could do with some pampering for themselves before you put those totally amazing, but expensive, shoe envy inducing, open toes on? Heres a little trick I’m loving! Take one cup of virgin coconut oil, 1/2 cup of your ground coffee, and one to two teaspoons of vanilla extract blended together. Prepare a tub of warm soapy water, then soak your feet for 10 minutes. While soaking, apply one teaspoon of the scrub to feet in a circular motion to exfoliate the dead skin. Rinse feet in warm water and pat dry. The blend of antioxidants in the coffee and the moisturising properties of coconut oil will leave your worn out feet  soft and silky smooth.

So there we have 5 ways to reuse old coffee grounds.

Most of these were found through Pinterest ( how I love thee) None of these were my own idea, thought I’d just make that clear. If you search used coffee in there, there’s a whole bunch of things comes up.

How do you recycle ? Do you reuse things that have been discarded? how do you feel about the state of the environment where you live?

Till next time,

Big Love,
















Poisongrrls Money Honey Knit-a-long.

General blogging.


What stands out in your mind, when you think back to your childhood?

The family dog warming themselves by the fire? The tempting smell of Sunday roast, delicious but filling? The sight of overfull family members, strewn around the living room trying to digest said roast?

For me, as well as those, i always remember the comforting sound of my mum, click-click-clicking on her latest knitting project.

As children, my sister and I, were always encouraged to be creative. Drawing, baking, painting, sewing…you name it, we tried it! Always eager to learn the new skills we’d seen her do. Mum taught us how to embroider cross stitch patterns onto fabric. She taught us how dye eggs, and bake delicious goodies. We would watch intently, as she showed us how to make scarves and hats. Little presents for school-friends and relatives, handmade with love (and trauma – too many knits and not enough purl, knots in threads and lost places in the patterns)

Its thanks to my mum, and the time she devoted to us, as kids, I found a passion to explore my creativity.



As an adult, able to drive a car and eat dessert before dinner, I have dabbled in a few creative endeavours. A hat for my boyfriend, a scarf for myself, but mainly have always felt a little uninspired. Instagram can be great for sparking a creative idea (# ADDICTED). One of the lovely ladies i follow, Amy Appel AKA poisongrrl, had placed a post advertising a knit-a-long.

Knit-a-long? Hmmm… I’d never really considered anything like this before. I’d heard of them before, sure, but never really participated, being a novice and probably not that good. I dived in anyways. Whats to lose?!

Here is the lovely lady herself, click on the link below to check her IG feed.

The pattern is right up my street. Vintage styling, with an edgy vibe 🙂

This is my first knitting project for a while now, and may be a little ambitious. I will not be deterred though.

I joined the group on Ravelry, a knit and crochet website full of patterns, help and tips, and bought the supplies.

Click on this link to look at the group.

Poisongrrls ravelry group

I bought the gear needed from a website called ” Love knitting”

Most of the supplies have arrived already just waiting on the main item….  THE WOOL.

These are the supplies that I bought from love knitting. (I think that’s my new favourite online shop 🙂 )

Final thought….

This is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. In the grand scheme of things, I’m a bit of a novice (and usually not that great at, well , finishing things )

Luckily for me? I have a needle master as a mum!

Wish me luck, and stay tuned on here and my other sites for progress reports.

Do you knit? Have you done an “a-long” anything before? Do you want to join in?

Till next time

Big love




Beginnings and endings and futures….

General blogging.


These past few weeks have been fairly stressful, and exciting, and scary all at the same time. We were going to be going into business together, and thinking of ways we could create an amazing coffee shop. We had it all planned, had meetings with people and suppliers. All of our family and friends were on board, and everything was going along swimmingly. The prospect of being able to manage, and own our own coffee shop business, with a focus on quality, amazing coffee, and gluten-free food, was and still is something we are passionate about. Unfortunately it was not meant to be.


During the past few weeks everyone has been super friendly, and supportive. Offering advice and help when and where they could. Although it seemed, unfortunately, things were not meant to be. The sale fell through. It’s always frustrating when these things happen but I believe that they are for the best.



In the mean time, I have found that I actually really enjoy being a blogger and am willing to learn more about it and about myself. I believe that I have found something I thoroughly enjoy, and that I want to get better at.

This is just a stepping stone.

Things are sent to test us and I believe that if we listen to our instincts, we can’t really go far wrong, can we?

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8 Types of coffee drinker.

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Coffee Drinkers.

In our day-to-day lives, coffee is essential, to most people. Some can’t live without it, some like the idea of it. The way that we prepare our first steaming cup of joe becomes a ritual in everyone’s house. This got me thinking about other people and the variety of people who I have come across in my coffee career.

I’m going to be identifying the different types of coffee drinker that i have observed, throughout my career as a barista. See if you can identify which one you or your friends are.

The Morning person.

Usually found cuddling that first cup of java, before they even acknowledge you. can usually be found near a kettle, coffee shop, or espresso machine. Mostly found repeating “Don’t speak to me yet” or “I haven’t even had my coffee”.

Iced coffee Loyalist.

The person who has to have their coffee cold. Spring, Summer, even Winter. Can be found with a trendy plastic cup of iced coffee, with extras. Always wanting to try the next iced coffee trend to keep it lively.


The Black Coffee.

These are usually simple people with simple pleasures. Understand the complexity of flavour in coffee, and so don’t tamper with the final product. Favourite sayings usually consist of “no, no milk…just black.” or “yes I like my coffee black, why would you put sugar in it?!” Usually found reading poetry and wearing shades. Totally artsy man.

The Addict.

These are people who constantly have a coffee in their hand. Suffer from withdrawal if they haven’t had a whiff of coffee for more than 5 minutes. Favourite sayings “I need a coffee” or “Lets meet at java java, can grab a takeout” These are people who don’t understand the word tea!

The Coffee Snob.

These are usually baristas. Have worked with coffee forever, love the taste of it and the community of the coffee culture. Understanding every single process of coffee-making, from farming to preparing. Will undoubtedly sneer, when asked for decaf coffee, or lots of milk and sugar. Favourite saying “its a lot more complex than you think it is” or “why don’t you give it a go, see how you find it?’

The sleeper.

Ah, the sleeper. Usually clutching a cup of DECAFF coffee, usually an old soul who likes to be tucked up for 9pm. struggle with the day-to-day tasks have to have a nap after lunch to keep the brain fresh… the struggle is real …zzzzzzz


The coffee “lover”

This is a tricky one. They like the idea of coffee, and love the coffee culture and coffee shop atmosphere but cannot cope with the flavour. They tend to ask for half shots of coffee, with copious amounts of sugar and milk, ask for the milk to be super hot and genuinely, don’t like the taste of coffee. ( i know?!)

Healthy coffee.

Usually found with karma beads and crystals, asking for soya or almond or anything not from an animal. Asks for no sugar and little caffeine as possible. worried about the calories in the drink. Have to feed their addiction but super aware of what they are putting in their body.

So, how do you find this list? is there any others that you have come across, or know? leave a comment i would be interested in knowing the different types of nuances people have, where their coffee is involved.

Me? im definitely the first one. before I’ve had a boost first thing?     RUN.       Run away!

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