A few of my favourite things / 10 things I love Thursday…#2

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When I first started this particular, regular post here on the blogosphere, it was originally called a few of my favourite things.

That was over in my old space and then since moving to this space here, I thought that it would be quite cool to change it up a bit and call it 10 things I love Thursday.

Now, since I managed to actually migrate all my old works, I find myself in a pickle. I cannot decide whether to call it the same as I did before “a few of my favourite things” or “10 things I love Thursday” I really wanted to keep the regular posting of this to a Thursday so I am still trying to iron out the kinks.

So, enough rambling, let’s get into today’s edition.

  1. Chernobyl.

This series was literally gripping. I watched the entire series in 3 sittings. Chernobyl is infamous for the poorly handled accident, and the devastating effects left behind by the tragedy.

The entire series was absolutely fabulous. The casting was spot on, they were so similar to the actual people involved in the accident. They were also very careful, as far as I can see, and sympathetic towards the incident and were careful not to fabricate too much. If you don’t know about Chernobyl ( do you love under a rock?!) and haven’t seen the series, I suggest you find it….immediately!

2. This is fantastic!

No words needed 😂

3. I also stumbled across a new house for the Addams family….

4. I love graffiti and urban art , (I basically love anything arty or creative, what Ya gunna do?!) These are awesome and super life like… I think it’d make me jump if I came across them anyway !

Image from colossal.com.

5. Mind blown people…!

Image from https://m.9gag.com/gag/axZRR2W?ref=android%20via%20@9GAG

6. Gotta love a quote, and here is one I think anyone who is creative or artistically inclined, will relate to, I know I do 🙋🏻‍♀️

7. Who doesn’t love shoes…. who doesn’t love Disney…. what if I told you, you could own a pair of Disney shoes? BEHOLD….

Irregular choice are my all time favourite shoes in the world, ever! I have a few pairs and I’m pretty sure that it is time for some new ones… wonderland style!

8. Ahhh, baking programmes. I love them. This, however, appeals to me on many different levels, gothic, retro, baking and creating… I love it! The curious creations of Christine McConnell on Netflix, Is my new binge watch while creating 😁

I suggest you go and take a look!

9. Nychos the street artist… enough said I reckon.


Go check him and his crew out, they do some amazing things.

10. The deepest depths of the burrows, is a rabbiteye movement film on youtube and its fantastic. It is one of my favourite YouTube films at the minute and it shows you their trip around America, creating Murals and basically letting us into their world for an hour.


SI’m there we go that is the conclusion of this weeks ten things I love/ a few of my favourite things. I hope that you liked this and stick around for more exciting stuff coming your way.

Till next time,

Big love,

Avt. X

10 things I love Thursday #1

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Hey guys, what a lovely week so far! The weather has finally perked up and I managed to wear a dress, it must be spring!

Anyway , today is the first in a regular series here about things I’ve been loving so far this week! Welcome to 10 things I love Thursday!

1) Willard Wigan, is an artist who creates tiny sculptures, from pencil lead to needle eyes!

This guy has amazing skills … and clearly amazing eyesight! I don’t think I would be able to do this! You can find more about him and his work if you Click here

2) I need this sign in my life!

Why are they always hungry?


why don’t we do something like this locally, if it doesn’t harm them, and it would definitely make me smile! You can find more about these Click here


This fascinating insight to where we feel our emotions first! If you really think about the way you feel and what emotion you are experiencing you can pinpoint where it is coming from! Fascinating really. You can find more information and the scientific experiment behind this Here.


I absolutely love these I am wanting to design some my little ponies maybe I’ll do a challenge? Throwback to my childhood! I loved my little pony! You can find these on spippo’s deviantart by clicking here.


Love this quote!


Wow this is fascinating, you can find some more information about it here.


This amazing smeg cooker!


This beautiful stained glass window, stained glass is so beautiful!


These beautiful geode tables! I wonder where I could put one… you can find out more about these by clicking here.


Of course the new Aladdin is on here! I actually can’t wait!!

So that’s it for the first instalment, these are things that caught my attention this week.

What are you loving right now?

Till next time,


So far so good….


Mermay so far is going ok. I haven’t felt like myself for the last week so it was a slow start but I have managed to catch up and all I have to do now is catch up on my Monochrome Month.

As someone who is creative and artistic, I find it difficult to choose one project and do just that one. There are many, many art challenges and just not enough time in the day unfortunately, for all of the things I want to take part in.

This is where I find myself. In the middle of three art challenges that circulate Instagram. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Well, ALOT more than I can chew, as a beginner. (I enjoy them though)

However I am an advocate of learning on the job as it were. The best way to learn anything is to simply throw yourself in the deep end, hold on for dear life and try and learn it quickly so we can get on with the fun. I am still learning how to organise my time so that I don’t end up working on one illustration (am I allowed to call it an illustration as a beginner? ) for about a hundred hours!

The reason I wanted to take part in these challenges, is because it will force me to work on the areas in my work, that i find difficult and boring, and recognise those areas that need focussing on.

Mermay abound…

So this is where the challenge Mermay comes in. So far I have found that I really don’t like doing backgrounds. This is something that I have to work on so that my little characters don’t just float about.

This is where I am with Mermay so far.

On the whole, I am super happy with all of these and I find that the more I draw and play, the more ideas I come up with and the better I feel in myself.

If I can give any advice to anyone wondering the same, you know, “ I wonder if I’m good enough? I wonder if i can keep up? I wonder if people will laugh? “ all of these and more, I would just say don’t think about all of that nonsense just enjoy it and if nothing else just to say you took part. You should just have a go!

Anyways, that’s it for now,

Till next time,

Big love 💗


Gettin ready for Mermay….


It’s that time of the year again.

What does A month of mermaids, and a month of amazing illustrations mean?


Mermay is the month long challenge, where you are given a prompt and you make a mermaid illustration. This will be my very first year participating and if I’m honest, I’m a little daunted. If nothing else this challenge will allow me to focus in on my strengths and abilities as a beginner illustrator, and thus letting me work on my weaknesses and finding the type of illustration style I like.

The official website for Mermay.

As if looking at all the great , imaginative pieces wasn’t enough, there is an official website. This is where you can find all of the information on the challenge.

I’d look at all of the beautiful pieces on Instagram and found some brilliant new artists to follow. I also wished that I was able to take part it in and not be shy about it.

So, like I said before, this is my first go so I’m sure it’ll be a challenge.

Www.mermay.com is the web address if you want to find out more or even take part in it yourself.

Till next time, big love,


Things are a little different around here…


Welcome back to “it’s a beautiful life” .

So if you have read any of my other posts, you will know that it didn’t really look anything like this previously. Recently I made the decision to take my art and illustrations more seriously, which includes my blog and writing. I recently made the decision to change my blogging provider and change to a provider who I could customise my site and monetise my site if I wanted to, (every little helps right?!) So I decided to change to WordPress as they have a lot more versatility when it comes how you like your blog to look.

Making the desicion to take my art and my illustrations more seriously feels right to me, and if I can get to the point where I am making quality content enough to make a living then it can only be positive,and so this is going to be part of that journey.

Here you will find posts about art and illustrations , things that are going on in my life and in my brain, works in progress and things that I have found and love. I will be writing about things that are everyday and writing about things that are out of the ordinary. I have lots planned.

I am so excited for the things that are coming our way, and I have a lot of ideas and posts planned for you lovely lot.

So, Here’s to new adventures and new friends.

I’ll be back with my very first post at the beginning of May so until then take a look at a few of the projects that I’m currently working on, and leave me some feedback. I’d love to hear from you guys!

Until next time guys, big love xx

Tattoos-day 8 Studio Ghibli Ink.


Tattoos-day – Studio Ghibli ink.

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tattoos-day number 8. The theme for the eye candy today is Studio Ghibli.

If you don’t know already, Studio Ghibli is the equivalant of Disney in Japan. I love Studio Ghibli and literally have seen all the films, even the obscure ones that nobody has really heard of….

So, without further ado, here is the 8th edition of Tattoos-day. enjoy.

Tattoos-day 8

There we have it guys, which is your favourite Ghibli film? Have you come across any Studio Ghibli inspired Ink?

I’d love to hear from you and hear what you think. let me know if you have seen any better ones that I should see! 

Till next time,

Big Love,


Tattoos-day 7 Kitsch ink!


Tattoos-day 7 Kitschy Kitty.

It’s that time of the week again, its time for another Tattoos-day …number 7.

The theme this week is all things kitsch.

Uncountable noun

You can refer to a work of art or an object as kitsch if it is showy and thought by some people to be in bad taste. This is basically what Kitsch means. I love all things Kitsch 🙂 

without further ado, lets look at some at ink!


Awesome aren’t they?

I’d love to hear what you think about the whole kitsch thing, would you ever get a kitschy tattoo?

Till next time,

Big love,



Tattoos-day 6 – Couples ink!


Tattoos-day 6 Happy Valentines!!

Since we are so close to Valentines day, I thought that for this weeks edition of ” Tattoos-day” we should focus on couples tattoos. 

There are some amazing ones and I love them all, but some are just too darn cute and clever to pass up. 

Couples tattoos, I love them and personally I think that they are much more of a commitment and promise than a ring…. Rings come off people!

Anywho, I digress…. Please enjoy this edition of Tattoos-day!

tattoos-day 6

See I told you they were cute… These are literally just a few of the couples ink I came across but these were the first ones that i loved, and that “spoke ” to me : )

What ideas have you had for couples tattoos?

Till next time,

Big love



Tattoos-day 5. Dotwork…


Tattoos-day edition 5 – Dotwork…

This week on Tattoos-day we are looking at Dotwork. Dotwork tattoos are one of the most intricate styles.  Complicated geometric images are created with nothing but dots. The tattoo artist must be very patient and very talented because he has to place every dot in the right place. Many dotwork artists have also abandoned the tattoo machine and are performing handpoked tattoos. Dotwork tattoos are a style on their own, and the shading you get through dots is almost 3D. You can’t get that kind of shading with any other method. The dotwork technique is used especially for geometric tattoos, religious and spiritual tattoos.


Here are a few that i love at the minute.

Tattoos-day! Tattoos-day! Tattoos-day! Tattoos-day!Dotwork tattoos are one of the most intricate styles.  Complicated geometric images are created with nothing but dots. The tattoo artist must be very patient and very talented because he has to place every dot in the right place. Many dotwork artists have also abandoned the tattoo machine and are performing handpoked tattoos. Dotwork tattoos are a style on their own, and the shading you get through dots is almost 3D. You can’t get that kind of shading with any other method. The dotwork technique is used especially for geometric tattoos, religious and spiritual tattoos.


Hope you enjoyed this edition of tattoos-day! Which are your favourite doter tattoos, i’d love to see them.

Till next time,

Big Love