A few of my favourite things / 10 things I love Thursday…#2

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When I first started this particular, regular post here on the blogosphere, it was originally called a few of my favourite things.

That was over in my old space and then since moving to this space here, I thought that it would be quite cool to change it up a bit and call it 10 things I love Thursday.

Now, since I managed to actually migrate all my old works, I find myself in a pickle. I cannot decide whether to call it the same as I did before “a few of my favourite things” or “10 things I love Thursday” I really wanted to keep the regular posting of this to a Thursday so I am still trying to iron out the kinks.

So, enough rambling, let’s get into today’s edition.

  1. Chernobyl.

This series was literally gripping. I watched the entire series in 3 sittings. Chernobyl is infamous for the poorly handled accident, and the devastating effects left behind by the tragedy.

The entire series was absolutely fabulous. The casting was spot on, they were so similar to the actual people involved in the accident. They were also very careful, as far as I can see, and sympathetic towards the incident and were careful not to fabricate too much. If you don’t know about Chernobyl ( do you love under a rock?!) and haven’t seen the series, I suggest you find it….immediately!

2. This is fantastic!

No words needed 😂

3. I also stumbled across a new house for the Addams family….

4. I love graffiti and urban art , (I basically love anything arty or creative, what Ya gunna do?!) These are awesome and super life like… I think it’d make me jump if I came across them anyway !

Image from colossal.com.

5. Mind blown people…!

Image from https://m.9gag.com/gag/axZRR2W?ref=android%20via%20@9GAG

6. Gotta love a quote, and here is one I think anyone who is creative or artistically inclined, will relate to, I know I do 🙋🏻‍♀️

7. Who doesn’t love shoes…. who doesn’t love Disney…. what if I told you, you could own a pair of Disney shoes? BEHOLD….

Irregular choice are my all time favourite shoes in the world, ever! I have a few pairs and I’m pretty sure that it is time for some new ones… wonderland style!

8. Ahhh, baking programmes. I love them. This, however, appeals to me on many different levels, gothic, retro, baking and creating… I love it! The curious creations of Christine McConnell on Netflix, Is my new binge watch while creating 😁

I suggest you go and take a look!

9. Nychos the street artist… enough said I reckon.


Go check him and his crew out, they do some amazing things.

10. The deepest depths of the burrows, is a rabbiteye movement film on youtube and its fantastic. It is one of my favourite YouTube films at the minute and it shows you their trip around America, creating Murals and basically letting us into their world for an hour.


SI’m there we go that is the conclusion of this weeks ten things I love/ a few of my favourite things. I hope that you liked this and stick around for more exciting stuff coming your way.

Till next time,

Big love,

Avt. X

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