So far so good….


Mermay so far is going ok. I haven’t felt like myself for the last week so it was a slow start but I have managed to catch up and all I have to do now is catch up on my Monochrome Month.

As someone who is creative and artistic, I find it difficult to choose one project and do just that one. There are many, many art challenges and just not enough time in the day unfortunately, for all of the things I want to take part in.

This is where I find myself. In the middle of three art challenges that circulate Instagram. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Well, ALOT more than I can chew, as a beginner. (I enjoy them though)

However I am an advocate of learning on the job as it were. The best way to learn anything is to simply throw yourself in the deep end, hold on for dear life and try and learn it quickly so we can get on with the fun. I am still learning how to organise my time so that I don’t end up working on one illustration (am I allowed to call it an illustration as a beginner? ) for about a hundred hours!

The reason I wanted to take part in these challenges, is because it will force me to work on the areas in my work, that i find difficult and boring, and recognise those areas that need focussing on.

Mermay abound…

So this is where the challenge Mermay comes in. So far I have found that I really don’t like doing backgrounds. This is something that I have to work on so that my little characters don’t just float about.

This is where I am with Mermay so far.

On the whole, I am super happy with all of these and I find that the more I draw and play, the more ideas I come up with and the better I feel in myself.

If I can give any advice to anyone wondering the same, you know, “ I wonder if I’m good enough? I wonder if i can keep up? I wonder if people will laugh? “ all of these and more, I would just say don’t think about all of that nonsense just enjoy it and if nothing else just to say you took part. You should just have a go!

Anyways, that’s it for now,

Till next time,

Big love 💗


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