Gettin ready for Mermay….


It’s that time of the year again.

What does A month of mermaids, and a month of amazing illustrations mean?


Mermay is the month long challenge, where you are given a prompt and you make a mermaid illustration. This will be my very first year participating and if I’m honest, I’m a little daunted. If nothing else this challenge will allow me to focus in on my strengths and abilities as a beginner illustrator, and thus letting me work on my weaknesses and finding the type of illustration style I like.

The official website for Mermay.

As if looking at all the great , imaginative pieces wasn’t enough, there is an official website. This is where you can find all of the information on the challenge.

I’d look at all of the beautiful pieces on Instagram and found some brilliant new artists to follow. I also wished that I was able to take part it in and not be shy about it.

So, like I said before, this is my first go so I’m sure it’ll be a challenge. is the web address if you want to find out more or even take part in it yourself.

Till next time, big love,


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