It’s been a while….

General blogging.


It’s been a while.
I lost sight if what i wanted to achieve with this blog, and the way that i write. Sometimes i have all these ideas for posts and all these thoughts about how fun it would be to have successful regular blog, where i can be creative and write about the things that matter to me and find interesting.
I went about the blog all wrong.
I originally wanted this blog to be one of those really popular blogs. The blogs that everybody read and, maybe,  even make money from! But, in actual fact, it should be a platform to express myself and my opinions, first.
Starting from now, i have promised myself that i will write one post every week. A well researched and written article, something that i myself would want to read.
If you are interested in the things that i have to say and maybe have an opinion on the subject, then stick around, and let’s see where this goes shall we?

Big Love!

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