Ten Top Beauty boosting foods since we are what we eat.

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You are what you eat?

Everybody has heard that saying before, but how many people actually listen and believe it? Can we eat beauty boosting foods to help?

Just recently, as you may have noticed,  I have been thinking about trying to eat the right things, trying to be more healthy and basically trying to look after myself a little better. During my research, I have come across a few bits of information that I love and some that seem too good to be true. But, if they work, which they seem to, then hey, I’m gunna give it a go and I’m sure that there is a few things on here, you will be glad I told you about. (Chocolate is actually great for you!!)

Top Ten Terrific Treats To Boost your Beauty.

Here are my top ten beauty boosting foods that, when eaten regularly, can keep us looking youthful and gorgeous. (Without eating little children ) *clears throat

  1. Blueberries

These little babies, are full of antioxidants so help with preventing premature ageing of skin. They also fight those pesky little free radicals that attack the skin, and so this little warrior is a good one to include in your diet. I like to throw them into a smoothie with other berries and some yogurt. mmmm! I can feel the battle! anti-ageing deliciousness!!


2. Coconuts

Coconuts are not only great for drinking holiday cocktails out of, but are super high in Omega 3, which is a good fatty acid. This helps our skin stay baby soft. It’s also brilliant as massage oil for your scalp and body. (and it smells like holidays…who doesn’t like THAT reminder 🙂 noms! ) massaging into your scalp helps with hair growth and flaky scalp. The fat in these bad boys, also guards against age aggressors, like UV rays and pollution. (which is why the best sun cream includes coconut oil!)

3. Avocados.

High in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant,  it also repairs damage to skin and hair caused by the sun and everyday pollution. This is the reason  our skin can look dull and less plump every now and then.

These little Hulks, also contain vitamin C promoting collagen, the plumper, and boosting the moisture levels in our skin.

Avocados SMASH!


4. Chia Seeds

I know seeds are for budgies and birds and are kinda hard to eat, but chia seeds are full of good fats. They maintain the skins buoyancy and keep your complexion dewy and glowing. (without using them as a facial scrub 🙂 ) They are a good source of fibre and protein which basically makes them a brilliant beauty all-rounder. Add them to your smoothies for a protein boost.





5. Spirulina.

The blue-green algae one. Rich in Chlorophyll, this is a super powerful nutrient that helps our hair, nails and skin to grow. High in Iron and Vitamin A, it adds a super hulk like punch to your morning green smoothie. Brilliant detoxifier and balances the good bacteria in your gut (so long I.B.S).

6. 0% fat greek Yoghurt.

Full of Calcium, protein and swarming with live active cultures A.K.A good bacteria, this aids digestion, helps boost immunity to infections and viruses. It also mitigates the effects of lactose intolerance leaving you with a flat and happy tummy. ( and its fat-free..)




7. Seaweed.

Chocked full of iron and phytonutrients, seaweed aids digestion and circulation . Eating seaweed regularly, helps with getting gorgeous smooth legs with beautiful supple skin. The Japanese and Chinese eat seaweed in their diet regularly, and they have plump youthful looking skin.You can get books on the seaweed that is edible, and so you can beach-comb for the varieties in it. (or just buy it from health food shops).


Maybe I should eat it more…


8.Sweet Potato.

Not only are they super delicious as fries, they are full of Beta-Carotene, which helps maintain bright, healthy eyes the same bonus we get from eating carrots. It can also help protect skin from harmful UV Rays. These make amazing fries with a little five spice on them, and are great as an alternative to regular jacket potatoes. Give them a try!




9. Kale.

Kale is Full of everything good! Whats not to like? Vitamins A, B6, K, Manganese, fibre and omega’s. practically everything for beauty! One cup of this curly, iron rich Kale, provides 10% of the RDA of Omega3 and nearly 200% of the RDA Vitamin A. One cup is enough to maintain healthy teeth, and is an effective anti oxidant. Switch out your regular salad leaves and add in some Kale! You won’t regret it. I love this and love it in smoothies with spirulina !


10. Dark Cacao Chocolate.

This is the one I am THE most excited about. Ladies, chocolate is good for you. Although the darker the chocolate, the better it is for you. Edge towards anything above 60% for ultimate health benefits. It is the queen of beauty boosting foods. It contains anti-ageing antioxidants called flavonoids, which fight free radicals, protecting us from the suns UV rays.

A 2006 study published in THE JOURNAL OF NUTRITION found that participants who consumed a chocolate beverage, high in Flavanoids (Dark Choc) experienced improved skin texture and hydration. They experienced less sensitivity and 25% less redness in response to exposure to the sun.

If that wasn’t enough, it also releases endorphins, the happy hormone, and phenylethylamine, which elicits the feeling of falling in love. Awww.

When you feel good, you look good!

So there we have it. See, I told you the last one was brilliant.

I really hope that you found this informative and interesting. I am going to keep these things in mind and remember that I am what I eat!

Which of these was your favourite boosting foods? Did you read about the beauty benefits of coffee on a recent post? Heres the link to go check it out..coffee benefits

Big Love,




16 thoughts on “Ten Top Beauty boosting foods since we are what we eat.

  1. I love Avocado. It’s delicious. I can never understand why people don’t like it!
    I also love blueberries – especially with yoghurt!
    🙂 Great list. It’s making me think I should eat healthy foods more.


  2. Oh yes! I love all of them 🙂 Recently totally crazy about blueberries, which together with raspberries are my favourite fruit I could add to my breakfast, lunch and supper. Now I like them even more 🙂


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    Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one these


    1. Hi there , thankyou for your lovely message. My theme is one that came with my blogging platform and I have modified it a little. Do you blog?


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