These are A Few of My Favourite Things edition 4.

A Few of my favourite things

So guys its that time of the week again for ” A Few of My Favourite things”.

I have kinda been MIA these past couple of weeks, and I have honestly had a lot going on.

Its all super exciting and seems to be clicking into place, and I shall be writing about it in the not too distant future.

Anyway Its time for “a Few of My Favourite Things” and this week is a super fluffy one since the nights are getting longer and the mornings are getting chillier. Enjoy.

1, Favourite Fluffy fairy lights

These are so cool, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love fairy lights?!

They make even the dankest space, look cosy and warm and welcoming. They add magic, sparkle and now they add fluff!! Who doesn’t love fluff??!!  Now we can have it all 😀

Click on this link here to purchase these beauties either for someone who will love them… (or maybe your bedroom? yeah your bedroom would love these)

2, Favourite Fluffy heels DIY.

So, the trend of fluffy shoes is something that was super popular in the summer and now with the winter coming its all about the slippers. BUT what about those glamorous parties you have to attend ? You need fabulous, fashionable shoes right? If your anything like me you, you like to be on trend as much as you can without being a “follower” you pick and choose the styles and fashions you like and usually like to adjust or make to your own liking.

This is the way that I made my fluffy heels and encourage you to try it for yourself! I love my fluffy heels, they make me feel like a princess.

Head on over to this link to find out more, and while your there check out her other posts. Girls got talent!

3, Favourite Fluffy Bunny Phone Cover.

OK guys, whats better than fluffy shoes? YUP! Fluffy phone cases. Not only are they like a little cuddly toy you can carry around, without looking a little weird, they double up as cushioning for your phone should you (DUN DUN DUN)


 Anyways heres the pic of the cutest phone case you ever did see :

 Click on this link to go and see the others they do. They are an etsy shop and so should be given all the support they can as they are just starting out and to be honest, they’ve got some awesome stuff!! Go check them out!

4, Super fluffy Soot Sprite Slippers.


Totoro is my ultimate miyazaki film. Well one of them… well I love all of them to be honest, and maybe i’m a little old for cartoons but hey,  what ya gunna do?!  It keeps me young!

When I came across these slippers, I just knew they had to be on one of my lists…at least. How awesome are they?!

You can click on this writing here, which has a link hidden amongst it 🙂 do you know anyone who would love to own these?

5, Favourite Angora Rabbit.


This is THE fluffiest bunny rabbit I have ever seen. They are Angora rabbits and literally they are balls of fluff!

Heres the story…

The Angora rabbit is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, believed to have originated from Turkey. The story goes back to the early 18th century. Some sightseeing sailors were put into a Turkish port, then called Angora. The sailors found the shawls worn by the native women to be remarkable for their beauty, fineness and silkiness. So before the sailors left Angora, they secured some of the Angora rabbits to take back to France. The French claim the Angora rabbits were first recorded in France in the Encyclopedia of 1765. In any event, it was the French who first saw the commercial possibilities of Angora wool and began to manufacture this type of wool into yarn. Aside from their commercial use, the rabbits became popular pets with French royalty and spread to other parts of Europe by the end of the century.

Without further ado, here you go..

The Bungalow of bunnies (click on this and it will take you to their website) is a place in Missouri that raises Purebred Dutch rabbits, and Purebred English Angoras to the ARBA Standard of Perfection. What a job!

You should go and head on over if you’re interested about these breeds of rabbits, as she gives in depth information about them and how to care for them. Its a brilliant site for bunny fans.  They are all adorable, and i want them all!

So there we have it, a complete, fluffy, wintery , Few of my Favourite things. I hope that you enjoyed this, and I hope that you go and check out the websites I’ve listed.

Till next time,

Big love,







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