Clearing out….

General blogging.

Sometimes the best thing in life when you’re having a lull, is to have a good clear out.

In the house, in your life, even in your head. A good session of throwing things away and organising is good for the soul. “The outside is a reflection of the inside..” I can’t exactly remember who said that but this is true. When you enter a room with everything everywhere, do you find yourself suddenly anxious? maybe stressed a little? Your emotions react to the environment you put yourself in, and this is our fight or flight trigger.It’s naturally engrained in our DNA. With this in mind, why would you not want to have a clear out every now and then,

The recent craze of tidying with the Marie Kondo, whose book “The magic of tidying” was  number 1 bestseller, helped people understand the importance of tidy living, and was in some way responsible for my sudden burst of energy with this subject. Up until now I haven’t exactly been the most organised person. I have never really been the best at keeping things tidy, and can always find something better or more fun to do . So since I haven’t been “working” as such, and since the coffee shop never really took off, I decided this last week was an ample time to get myself in order and make a plan in my life, my house and my career.

The house…

I started with the house and have cleaned, organised, thrown away and basically started anew with the things in it. Clothes I don’t wear, magazines I’ve kept for no reason , makeup I never use (I never wear a lot anyway )  and made copious trips to the tip. (Much to the surprise and amusement of my BF) This is the reason behind my disappearance for the past week.

My body and mind..

I have started a self-help book…. (I never thought id see the day) called the Barefoot Doctor and I am excited to really get into the crux of it. Liberation is the title and if your interested you should go and check it out. I have downloaded the head space app on my phone and plan to practice daily.

I took a long hard look at the food I was eating and my fitness, or lack thereof. I’m not exactly a gym bunny but I don’t really do a lot of fitness. Sure I enjoy walking but maybe not as often as I should. So a fitness plan and goal have been set, and my diet has changed. More rainbow foods, less beige. (and crisps Good-bye sweet, fried potato)


I have planned many wonderful things for this little space on the internet and I have made the decision about my career which I am excited to implement.

Throughout my life, I have always been creative and artistic and loved anything that I could with my hands. This is probably the reason I gravitated towards making coffee. Its and art form in itself and I have always enjoyed the process. Tattooing is also something that I have always enjoyed, both on myself and the skills needed to do it,  but never really thought that it would be a smart career choice for myself, as I lack the confidence in myself (which I’m working on) to be able to showcase my art and put it out there for criticism. Still, it has always been something I Would love to do and so am going to make the steps towards that goal.

This year has thrown me many personal challenges, and I have managed to come out of the other side. With my biggest birthday to date coming up I decided it was time to really start thinking about how I am going to implement all of my thoughts, wants,desires, and dreams, and make a plan.

 The time we have on this earth is precious, and we should have the most fun we can. Being surrounded by the ones that we cherish and love , having adventures, having dreams and trying new things are the best things in life (after your house is tidy and clean 🙂 ) Sometimes following your dreams can be hard, but as Walt Disney said

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Big love,



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