A Few of my Favourite things….

A Few of my favourite things


So it’s that time of the week again. Time to settle down with a cuppa and look at some eye and brain candy!

This week I was focusing on artist of all types, and thinking about the different approaches individuals have. The world is full of creative people, and the people I am  including today, are so inspiring and I love their work. I would love for you to check them out further.

So take some time out for yourself, sit back and look at these beautiful works.


O.k so it isn’t “art” like you normally expect, but it is very artistic. Being able to make beautiful cakes and confectionary is a skill in its own right, and i admire anyone who can bake and decorate sweets as beautiful as these. The Juniper cakery is run by two lovely ladies, called Felicity and Krystle. They bake and supply cakes, cupcakes and confectionary, for Hull and the surrounding area. I literally could look (and eat) all of the things that they create. Artists in their own right.

Take a look….

Picture courtesy of Juniper Cakery.

How Beautiful are they? They don’t just do cakes they do sweets, cupcakes,macarons,cookies, and they are all beautiful. Kudos ladies!

You can find them in all the usual places and their website will be up and running soon. In the meantime click on the link to go their instagram.



Read their blog over at JuniperCakery


2. Arozona

Succulents. Who doesn’t love a succulent. Personally, I have a little bit of an obsession with them. So naturally when I stumbled across Arozona on Instagram, I had to indulge myself and found their art stunning, to say the least.

Courtesy of Arozona.

Gorgeous aren’t they?!

You can find more of their work here on Instagram

Definitely go check them out.

3 Micromachinedee.

This is an art form close to my heart.

Tattooing is something that i have loved ever since i can remember. I have a fair few myself, and have a few friends in the trade itself. My instagram feed is full tattoo artists and this is one lady who just stands out. Her designs are cute, colourful, quirky and fun. Needless to say she had to be on this list today. I could browse her feed all day.

Dee loves to use inspiration from Japanese anime to 90’s nostalgic cartoons and is also active in the cosplay community.

Courtesy of Danielle Soto.


How adorable is her art? I would love to get one, eventually… maybe sailor moon to go with my disney sleeve? 🙂

You can find more information and look at her gorgeous pieces by clicking on these links:




So there we have it. I just want to say a big thank you to these lovely people for letting me feature them and use their images on my blog.

They have all left me feeling inspired. I am in awe of their originality and creativity. I wish I was as talented.:)

What art are you in to? what inspires you to create?

Big Love,






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