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What stands out in your mind, when you think back to your childhood?

The family dog warming themselves by the fire? The tempting smell of Sunday roast, delicious but filling? The sight of overfull family members, strewn around the living room trying to digest said roast?

For me, as well as those, i always remember the comforting sound of my mum, click-click-clicking on her latest knitting project.

As children, my sister and I, were always encouraged to be creative. Drawing, baking, painting, sewing…you name it, we tried it! Always eager to learn the new skills we’d seen her do. Mum taught us how to embroider cross stitch patterns onto fabric. She taught us how dye eggs, and bake delicious goodies. We would watch intently, as she showed us how to make scarves and hats. Little presents for school-friends and relatives, handmade with love (and trauma – too many knits and not enough purl, knots in threads and lost places in the patterns)

Its thanks to my mum, and the time she devoted to us, as kids, I found a passion to explore my creativity.



As an adult, able to drive a car and eat dessert before dinner, I have dabbled in a few creative endeavours. A hat for my boyfriend, a scarf for myself, but mainly have always felt a little uninspired. Instagram can be great for sparking a creative idea (# ADDICTED). One of the lovely ladies i follow, Amy Appel AKA poisongrrl, had placed a post advertising a knit-a-long.

Knit-a-long? Hmmm… I’d never really considered anything like this before. I’d heard of them before, sure, but never really participated, being a novice and probably not that good. I dived in anyways. Whats to lose?!

Here is the lovely lady herself, click on the link below to check her IG feed.

The pattern is right up my street. Vintage styling, with an edgy vibe 🙂

This is my first knitting project for a while now, and may be a little ambitious. I will not be deterred though.

I joined the group on Ravelry, a knit and crochet website full of patterns, help and tips, and bought the supplies.

Click on this link to look at the group.

Poisongrrls ravelry group

I bought the gear needed from a website called ” Love knitting”

Most of the supplies have arrived already just waiting on the main item….  THE WOOL.

These are the supplies that I bought from love knitting. (I think that’s my new favourite online shop 🙂 )

Final thought….

This is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. In the grand scheme of things, I’m a bit of a novice (and usually not that great at, well , finishing things )

Luckily for me? I have a needle master as a mum!

Wish me luck, and stay tuned on here and my other sites for progress reports.

Do you knit? Have you done an “a-long” anything before? Do you want to join in?

Till next time

Big love




2 thoughts on “Poisongrrls Money Honey Knit-a-long.

  1. HI there; I joined the KAL as well! And no worries-I’m a bit of a novice as well but super excited for this challenge! best of luck and I’ll see ya in the Ravelry group!

    Michelle (Ravelry: PraiseTheYarn)


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