Beginnings and endings and futures….

General blogging.


These past few weeks have been fairly stressful, and exciting, and scary all at the same time. We were going to be going into business together, and thinking of ways we could create an amazing coffee shop. We had it all planned, had meetings with people and suppliers. All of our family and friends were on board, and everything was going along swimmingly. The prospect of being able to manage, and own our own coffee shop business, with a focus on quality, amazing coffee, and gluten-free food, was and still is something we are passionate about. Unfortunately it was not meant to be.


During the past few weeks everyone has been super friendly, and supportive. Offering advice and help when and where they could. Although it seemed, unfortunately, things were not meant to be. The sale fell through. It’s always frustrating when these things happen but I believe that they are for the best.



In the mean time, I have found that I actually really enjoy being a blogger and am willing to learn more about it and about myself. I believe that I have found something I thoroughly enjoy, and that I want to get better at.

This is just a stepping stone.

Things are sent to test us and I believe that if we listen to our instincts, we can’t really go far wrong, can we?

Stay tuned for exciting things (on a smaller scale than a business 🙂 )

Big love



2 thoughts on “Beginnings and endings and futures….

  1. When one door closes another opens! I’m sure the right place is just around the corner so I’m looking forward to hearing your adventures in the months to come.


    1. aw yeah thanks hun. I know it was supposed to happen this way, thee things usually have a way of working themselves out. Thanks xxxx


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