5 Things to do when you want to relax

General blogging.


Sundays are probably the best day of the week. The previous week is coming to an end and there is a promise of awesome things to happen in the coming week. This is the day that its ok to be slightly lazy, and basically, take time out for yourself.

Here are just a few of the things that i love to do when I’m relaxing and needing a bit of me time.

1. Blast the tunes!

Music is as important to me as oxygen. (maybe slightly over dramatic) i do love it though. When  im in a slump and maybe feeling a little low and in need of some headspace, blasting out my favourite tunes always helps. I get lost in the rhythm and the words and as soon as i start to sing (unfortunately for my neighbours….and boyf (sorry…not sorry) i can feel the stress leaking out.

Also I find it helps to sing at the top of your lungs.!

(Genuinely me when i’m in the bath!)

2.Try out a new baking recipe.

Baking is one of my all time favourite things to do, aside from the fact that once you’ve baked, you have to actually eat it all or palm it off to someone who maybe will or won’t appreciate it. When i’m feeling in need of  a little R and R, I love to bake. I find it cathartic in a way , and i always feel a sense of achievement when it turns out awesome, and is loved my the Mr!

It gives me the time to focus on something creative, and remind myself of the things that i love to do, that sometimes get lost day to day.

3. Watching a film.

This has to be the best thing to do ever if your wanting to relax. I love this any day of the week. By myself or with the Mr, snuggled up, i honestly can say this is probably the best way to turn off, and relax that grey matter.

4. Being in Nature.

This is another thing that always try to do when im wanting to chill out. Lucky for me, i live in a beautiful part of England. Near the sea, in the countryside, near a forest. I’m practically spoilt for choice. When im feeling stressed i find that simply kicking off my shoes and getting my feet all naked and treading on the sand, makes me feel altogether again. Next time you have a spare half hour, and feel like doing something to regroup? go for a trundle in Nature.

5. Go to Neverland.

ok ok, so not exactly go to Neverland, but near enough. I find that the ultimate escapism is reading a book. There is nothing better than jumping into a new world, or country or time and loosing yourself for an hour or so. This shuts the brain down completely and allows your brain to focus on a different way of thinking. Using your imagination is so important for relaxation and who knows? from the imagination may come something that helps you in the everyday.

                                                            ( feeling you girl!)

So i hope that this has given you some ideas about new things to try when you want to relax.

These are just a few of the things i like to try and do when im feeling fried and stressed, what do you enjoy doing?

Big love,



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