Friday the 13th…

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superstition is one of those things that is intrinsically linked with our ancestors. They usually come from old legends and old myths, but more often than not they are just passed down through the generations.

If you are anything like me you have come to the realisation that actually, superstition can be a little bit silly. “Don’t walk under the ladder you’ll get bad luck!”  Really??  Honestly,  the only thing that is going to happen to you if you walk under a ladder, is that you might get dripped on, at worse something might fall on you. This, granted, is enough for any of the hardcore, believers to say “see, bad luck” in my belief the mind is a powerful tool, and like attracts like. If you think it and feel it, its more often than not going to happen, thus reiterating “bad luck” or “a bad day”.

My point is, Friday the 13th is one such occasion where people tend to overreact on the superstition.

Belated bad luck.

Granted, you would think that Mr B.Luck would have got it out of his system, yesterday for me, but no, i guess he had other ideas. Today started out as a pretty normal Saturday morning. Lovely, lazy morning, little bit grey outside but after my AM pick me up, things started to get strange. My cat has a bad eye, which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be getting any better. (strike one for Mr. B. Luck) I managed to get a flat tyre yesterday on my way home from shopping but didn’t think it was too serious, only to find out this morning that we were going to have to have a brand new wheel on. (strike 2 Mr. Luck)

And if that wasn’t bad enough my poor Monty, (the cat) hates travelling and so was bad-tempered. He then relieved himself on the 20 minute ride to the emergency vet, stank out the vet reception and scared all the staff, who responded with gauntlets and looks of pity.

The outcome? well at this present moment, i have locked myself in the house, with my laptop and social media, in the hope of defying Mr. B.Luck from any further appearances. its safe to say i can sort of understand the people in “final destination”


In this day and age i believe that people are entitled to believe exactly what they want to believe, so long as they don’t expect everyone to think the same. As for me, well I’m just going to write today off as a bad day. I think every now and then everyone is entitled to a crap day.

This is why we have coffee.

What happened to you guys on Friday the 13th?

Are you superstitious at all?

What do you still do now, even though you’ve grown up?

I’d love to know.

Big love,



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