Excited? You should be!

General blogging.

New beginnings are always hard.

It’s brilliant fun. Sometimes its tiring. Sometimes you end up grinding your teeth, whilst desperately trying to decide if you should have 8oz or 10oz cups!


The rewards, I know, are going to be amazing!


Welcome to this little blog-venture for The Roastery Coffee Co.

A little coffee shop on the beautiful Yorkshire coast, owned and managed by a couple of regular joes, who love coffee and each other. (who doesn’t like a love story huh? am i right?)

This is just really a tester post, to see how it feels to write again, with the intention of combining our love of coffee, good quality food and cakes, and hilarious stories.

Please leave us a little comment and feel free to add us on social media, by clicking on here, you are sent to our facebook page. Please share and like, and if ever you find yourselves in our neck of the woods, pop in.

So stick around , make a coffee, and read our adventures, mistakes,  and successes over the coming months, and even years.

Have you started a new project or business venture lately?  How do you feel about new beginnings? I’d love to know.

Big love,



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